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Meet your coach, Warren Stiles

Hi! I`m Warren and I originally come from Cape Town, South Africa.

I have always had a passion to help people to reach their full potential in life!

I originally studied Farm Management at a College in South Africa and went on to manage farms for about 5 years. At the same time, I volunteered for a Crisis counselling service, as well as various charities which focused on the homeless and destitute.

After my years managing farms, I decided to venture out and launched my own landscaping company. After 5 years, the business had grown into a successful venture, thanks to the huge support of my staff. In the latter part of 2002, an opportunity arose to move to the UK, so I sold the business and made the life-changing move to the UK!

On arriving in the UK, I made a career move into the insurance industry where my role developed over time to include managing teams, coaching, and training company personnel.

In 2009, I completed my Life Coaching training and after qualifying started to apply these skills to the company where I worked.

In 2016, having spent more than 11 years in the insurance industry, I ventured out to start my own Life Coaching Business, Reach for Higher.

My hobbies include hiking, fishing, camping, mostly activities which are adventurous and outdoors, often enjoyed with my wife and son!